What Are Breakout Stocks 6 Breakout Stock Examples

what is stock breakout

In the case of the Apple chart example below, the entry is near $325. From analysing the cup, we can see that it is approximately $110 in height. Added to the breakout point, this gives a target of $435. Another idea is to calculate recent price swings and average them out to get a relative price target. If the stock has made an average price swing of four points over the past few price swings, this would be a reasonable objective. In this example, we can see NMC Health repeatedly hitting the upper and lower edge of its 700-point channel – even as it makes a bullish move.

Entry points are fairly black and white when it comes to establishing positions on a breakout. Once prices are set to close above a resistance level, an investor will establish a bullish position. When prices are set to close below a support level, an investor will take on a bearish position. There are certain patterns that traders should recognise for their investment research if they wish to catch these potential stock breakouts early in the process.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 69% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Before placing a trade, you must know what your entry, stop loss, and exit methods are in order to increase your chances of making a profit over time. Auto Trader did exceed its resistance level briefly before the breakout, in a mini fakeout in September 2018. Well, there you have it … top tips and strategies to use for breakout trading.

  1. Standard Life Aberdeen entered a new channel as the merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management was completed in August 2017.
  2. You can use a profit target or calculate the risk/reward ratio to see if the trade is worth it, or a trailing stop loss, like in the Bollinger Band example above.
  3. Breakouts are the beginning of trends in a security’s price.
  4. The Bullish Bears team focuses on keeping things as simple as possible in our online trading courses and chat rooms.

Breakouts in the stock market can provide the opportunity to trade on large price movements once the price breaks above the resistance level or below the support level. Traders first look for potential breakout stocks, followed by a decisive breakout on a strong price movement that is accompanied by above average volume. A stock market breakout or a breakout in a specific share is a tradable event that some active investors can base an entire strategy around. A breakout is when a stock or stock index moves beyond a level of support and resistance​​ that it has struggled to move above or below in the past. Learning how to identify and trade potential breakout stocks gives traders one more tool that they can use to generate profits within an often-volatile market. Breakout stocks are shown on price charts, in particular, using candlestick charts​​ to read price action.

#1: Wait for High Volume

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Click Here to try our trading community free for 7 days. As you can see, anything that creates a positive outlook for the company’s earnings can contribute to a breakout. After a trade fails, it is important to exit the trade quickly. Patience is usually the answer to avoiding getting caught out by a fakeout. Instead of hurrying to open a position the moment a stock hits a new level, hold back and wait to see if the movement sticks. And if you need a solid trading platform, I don’t think you can’t go wrong with StocksToTrade.

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what is stock breakout

There’s no single ‘best’ strategy that works for everyone or every breakout trade. Any number of things could cause a stock’s volume to spike. It could be any kind of catalyst, like news of a merger or a big contract. That’s why breakout trading is one of my favorite trading strategies for this year. If an investor grasps this simple concept, then buying a stock as it breaks out of a consolidation can lead to honest profits. Then one day our imprisoned stock knifes upward, like a convict who plotted and delivered on a breakout.

Plan your trading

Initially, Tempur Sealy did not make significant price progress. But Halloween turned out to be scary good for holders. The stock screamed 11% higher in huge volume after posting a solid 27% rise in third-quarter earnings per share and a sixth consecutive quarter of accelerating sales growth. At the Oct. 31 session high of 92.33, Tempur Sealy stock showed a nearly 13% advance from the proper buy point.

what is stock breakout

But not all 52-week highs/lows are the result of a recent breakout. A 52-week high or low is simply the highest or lowest price seen over the last year. Reckitt Benckiser shares dropped below 6000 in https://www.wallstreetacademy.net/ February 2018, moving into a channel between 5200 and 5900 for the next few months. The move back above 5900 in June marked the beginning of a breakout, setting a new trend that lasted until October.

In the Alibaba stock chart below, we can see that Alibaba shares showed this pattern before doubling in price over the next year. Note how the bands narrow compared to their prior width. A breakout above the Bollinger Band signals a potential breakout. After finding a good instrument to trade, it is time to plan the trade.

All these factors could give them an edge over their competitors, boosting the chance of a stock breakout. Regardless of the timeframe, breakout trading is a great strategy. Whether you use intraday, daily, or weekly charts, the concepts are universal. You can apply this strategy to day trading, swing trading, or any style of trading. Even after a high volume breakout, the price will often (but not always) retrace to the breakout point before moving in the breakout direction again.

As prices consolidate, various price patterns will occur on the price chart. Formations such as channels, triangles, and flags are valuable vehicles when looking for stocks to trade. When trading breakouts, it is important to consider the underlying stock’s support and resistance levels.

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If a stock on your watchlist has been consolidating and volume is low, then all of a sudden you see a big spike in volume, that can be a solid breakout confirmation sign. A good trading plan will include an entry/exit strategy and trading goals. It should cover anything that could possibly happen during a trade.

Forex, or foreign exchange, trading is different from stock trading. It could also be riskier, given the size of this global market. Resistance and support levels are key price points a stock must break to be considered a breakout. A version of this story was last published on May 7, 2019. Please follow Chung on Twitter at @SaitoChung and @IBD_DChung for more on growth stocks, buy points, sell rules, breakouts, chart analysis and stock market insight.

The top of the channel remained the same, giving us an ascending triangle that technical traders use to predict an upward breakout. Support and resistance levels aren’t always set at a flat horizontal. When a company trades within a set range, the limits of that range will often offer support or resistance.

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