I feel not of being any worth in the relationship

I feel not of being any worth in the relationship

I am 26 and my boyfriend is 21. Also we are living in other countries apart but I visited him on his call and we were happy together but he is suddenly changed which he does not admit but he is not the same person anymore. He says that he is always busy and pays little attention to me and I have to fight him every other day. He never shouts at me just listens to me but also does the same things. He neither asks to seperate nor he agrees for breakup but also not being the same person as before. Last time, I asked him either to block me from everywhere or make all things right as before. He denied to block and also showing no love or care that bothers me. I said nothing and not texted him again but I also not heard back from him from 3 weeks. He is active on social media and seems happy and m not using any social media and also stopped stalking him . I know its always in his mind that I am the one who is supposed to text first but I am thinking if I would do, again I have to face that ignorance and stress because I am HolandГ©s hembra so much in to him.What should I expect.

I refuse to be seen as needy (again) because that is how I spent the majority of our relationship, ESPECIALLY the last five weeks after finding out about the other woman

I had LDR for 1 year(used to talk everyday & never had break up/no contact more than 2 days) . My ex & I started to have many arguments so I broke up. He was first calm then became very aggressive then apologised and now he’s quiet ,sending his friends to me to go back to him. All of these happened in 1 week and during it I kept no cantact rule. Did he just give up on me?should I continue no contact?is it a good or bad sign that all of these stages happened in just 1 week? I’m worried

Hi Minerva, if you want to follow this program then yes stick with the NC for 30 days. I would suggest that if he asks you to get back together and you WANT that then yes get back with him but explain that you both need to work on your communication skills in your relationship.

We had a serious relationship but with no future together from his side and there is someone else to whom I have to marry

My ex left me for a rebound. Is still in relationship but contacted me for closure. We have been no contact for over 3 months. Do I still continue nc

Hi Lilly, if you want to get your ex back then you need to read and follow the rules of the being there method.

My ex and I broke up in , but continued seeing each other until pregnant with his child currently and we found this out in not sure exactly when because he never told me that this is what he was doing. I just found out about the other person in . I begged and pleaded for about five weeks and he kept telling me that I am giving the third party situation too much weight. He kept telling me that I am the one w/ the power and he needed time, etc., but I finally reached my breaking point. I took screenshots from the past 3 weeks and sent them to the other woman. He then texted me and told me that it’s over, he made his choice, he’s choosing her, etc. I texted him back and told him that I agree, it’s O-V-E-R. Neither of us have tried to reach out and have been in no contact for eight days. I will eventually have to speak to him because I am due in . I’m debating on whether I should allow him into the delivery room or not. I am conflicted, but I for sure want to wait the full 30 days before contacting him regarding anything at all. I feel like I backed him into a corner and that is the only reason that he texted what he did. I am a little angry that I had to go to such great lengths to receive a firm answer from him. I do still wish for a reconciliation, but I want him to be the one to take the initiative. In other words, if he doesn’t take that initiative, there will be no reconciliation. I guess I just want confirmation that I am doing the right thing because I go back and forth in my mind and for some reason, the NC is getting harder… not easier.

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